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This video is a demonstration of the use of what are called "consonant inequalities" in Renaissance Design, combined with the use of the square root of two.  This combination is a common one, seen in Renaissance architecture and also in the design of the violin . 

This window drawing by Michelangelo shares the same basic structure as the framework used to draw Cremonese sound holes. 

This is a companion video to the article "Universal Harmony",  published in the Strad Magazine in January 2019.  

A short demonstration of my method for drawing a basic Cremonese volute, compared to a fossil ammonite.  This illustrates the simplicity and beauty of classic Cremonese violin design

Part One of a demonstration of my method for drawing the sound holes of classical instruments.

This method uses the same basic mechanisms shown in the video above of a design of a window by Michelangelo.  I am working on a better description that will be published in book form, but this video will have to suffice until that gets finished...

Part Two of Sound Hole Demonstration

Part Three of Sound Hole Demonstration